Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness: Day 11

Practicing wholeness amidst your actual reality is a very different animal than practicing it when on vacation away from reality.

There’s been little practice and little wholeness in the days since I’ve been home. Survival mode, mindless eating, severe tension headache a la TMJ, bad dreams, avoidance, panic at Home Depot on aforementioned paint errand, coffee and dark chocolate for breakfast. That sums up Days 7-11. I did ask myself The Question in one or two excruciating moments over the weekend….. (What does practicing wholeness look like in this situation?)

Maybe the awareness itself of no practice and lots of brokenness is wholeness practice.

Goal for Day 12: Eat eggs for breakfast. (Also, cut fingernails, though failing to do this hardly has any bearing on how I go forward with the day or with life……)

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