Come Out of That Trash Can

I've spent most of my life trying to outrun a core belief that I am not lovable. Worthless. An incident in second grade did not help that any. We had a substitute teacher that day. Part of my safety in life was in reading a room and figuring out how to act in response, and … Continue reading Come Out of That Trash Can

Are You A Supportive Listener?

I read something recently that was written as a guideline for a meeting. At first, it felt rather restrictive and I felt intimidated by it, and afraid to share input if I would happen to have any. But then I went back over the guidelines and could really appreciate that they were written to keep … Continue reading Are You A Supportive Listener?

Letting the Truth Loose

A couple of days of not writing turned into a few weeks. Honestly, I still don't feel like it. The world feels like a terrible place again just now, and it  makes writing that much harder for me. Writing - blogging, specifically - requires a lot of vulnerability. The more honestly and transparently you choose … Continue reading Letting the Truth Loose

Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness: Day 11

Practicing wholeness amidst your actual reality is a very different animal than practicing it when on vacation away from reality. There's been little practice and little wholeness in the days since I've been home. Survival mode, mindless eating, severe tension headache a la TMJ, bad dreams, avoidance, panic at Home Depot on aforementioned paint errand, … Continue reading Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness: Day 11

Practicing Wholeness by the Sea

Day 6. I went down to the water's edge first thing this morning. The beach was delightfully void of people, and the water was begging me to go deeper with its warmth and persistent, rhythmic persuasion. Come. I have to return home for good later today, and dread is knocking at the floorboards of my … Continue reading Practicing Wholeness by the Sea

Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness: Day Five Observations

1.) I've realized quickly that I need to focus on a goal of progress, not perfection. As soon as I start getting perfectionistic about it, the wholeness piece actually goes out the window. It becomes, then, about ticking boxes instead of Being. 2.) A single worry tends to explode into the confetti of a thousand … Continue reading Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness: Day Five Observations