Thoughts On a Higher-Mileage Body

I am not fat. I have fat. And I have fat because, like an unfailingly faithful, loyal and forceful warrior, my body never bought the lies. Not one of them. My body held the truth for me when I needed it buried in the abyss to survive it. My body has retained truth I tried to discard. Faithfully, … Continue reading Thoughts On a Higher-Mileage Body

Permission Slip for the 2nd Sunday of May

You have permission to feel whatever you feel on this day. You have permission to grieve. For a deceased child, a deceased mother, a barren womb, kids who've gone off the rails, disconnection or loss in any form that impacts your feelings about the day ...... You have permission to decline the impulse to Should … Continue reading Permission Slip for the 2nd Sunday of May

The Last Coffee Filter

She let me do her laundry, and she lingered in the shower as I'd hoped she would - treating herself to the luxury of hot water and a clean (and unhurried) place to let it run. She slept in a bed. She ate at a table. She had conversation, and, for a little while, was surrounded by people who looked her in the eye and called her by name. For a few hours, she was a someone again. She smiled a little.