I struggle so much with the judgments of a few, and I really do hate this about myself. My frustration would be better assigned to the ones who judge, instead of at myself for struggling with it, but I'm still trying to learn my way out of Everything Is Always My Fault and/or Responsibility. It's … Continue reading Confession

Letting the Truth Loose

A couple of days of not writing turned into a few weeks. Honestly, I still don't feel like it. The world feels like a terrible place again just now, and it  makes writing that much harder for me. Writing - blogging, specifically - requires a lot of vulnerability. The more honestly and transparently you choose … Continue reading Letting the Truth Loose

It Isn’t Just the Catholic Church

My head is still spinning like everyone else's in the wake of the horrific findings of the Pennsylvania report. Just yesterday, I dropped my youngest son off for his sophomore year of college, where we stopped at the student union to get his dorm key and then proceeded to his dorm - and both buildings … Continue reading It Isn’t Just the Catholic Church