Don’t Give Up, Open Up

On the first day of this new year, I returned to a really crappy and painful portion of my roots. I grew up in the metro DC area, and last Tuesday I drove back there. Sometimes, like an arrow, you have to be pulled back to go forward. I drove by all three schools I … Continue reading Don’t Give Up, Open Up

Are You A Supportive Listener?

I read something recently that was written as a guideline for a meeting. At first, it felt rather restrictive and I felt intimidated by it, and afraid to share input if I would happen to have any. But then I went back over the guidelines and could really appreciate that they were written to keep … Continue reading Are You A Supportive Listener?

Spilled Change and a Meaningful Intersection

I met "J" on a busy corner of the Upper West Side (W73rd & Broadway, to be exact). It was a cold Saturday in February of that year, and she was panhandling with a tattered Starbucks cup. She caught my attention when her change scattered all over the sidewalk. Someone had bumped her cup, probably … Continue reading Spilled Change and a Meaningful Intersection

I Don’t Know What To Title This, But It’s About Suicide

In the wake of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week, all I can think about is that I wish a.) I could say THE thing that would stop anyone else from taking that final step, and b.) I could explain to everyone who's never suffered from suicidal ideation what it's like … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Title This, But It’s About Suicide