Practicing Wholeness by the Sea

Day 6. I went down to the water's edge first thing this morning. The beach was delightfully void of people, and the water was begging me to go deeper with its warmth and persistent, rhythmic persuasion. Come. I have to return home for good later today, and dread is knocking at the floorboards of my … Continue reading Practicing Wholeness by the Sea

Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness

Day One I'll just say right outta the gate that I'm not clear at all about how this will look. I know that this month is a challenging one for me, and so I decided to make a project of it. Of me. Intention: To be deliberate about seeking wholeness in my mind, my spirit … Continue reading Thirty Days of Practicing Wholeness

I Don’t Know What To Title This, But It’s About Suicide

In the wake of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week, all I can think about is that I wish a.) I could say THE thing that would stop anyone else from taking that final step, and b.) I could explain to everyone who's never suffered from suicidal ideation what it's like … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Title This, But It’s About Suicide