The Challenge Shirt™



This is not about politics for me. It’s personal.

The Challenge Shirt is about challenging ourselves to regard the lives of those we may not currently value (and, perhaps, those who advocate for them). If we truly, deliberately choose PEOPLE – if we see people as fellow HUMANS to connect with and not issues to solve or objects to leverage, it will change everything.


Most of us are likely to have at least one group on this (limited) list that makes us shake our heads in disagreement or even anger – enough to not get a shirt – and that’s actually the point.

We have a problem with regarding others as issues, instead of LIVES – human beings with an inherent right to be treated with respect and regard. We see their color, nationality, political opinions, sexual preference, inconvenience, disability or religious views instead of their humanity. And we all lose.

Respect does NOT equal Agree, and Disagree does NOT equal Hate. We can be bigger than that.

This is not about agreement. We don’t have to agree on everything. It’s about a fundamental respect for human life as our jumping off point for any and all interactions, and for better informing and equipping the decisions we make for groups of people we don’t know and cannot or don’t want to relate to.

The Challenge:

  • #1 – Resist the urge or compulsion to turn this into a political discussion, starting in your own head.
  • If you won’t get a shirt because a group(s) is listed that you don’t value, for ANY reason, then get one to hang somewhere in your living or working quarters so you can wrestle with what it brings up for you.
  • Be aware of and honest with yourself about your own prejudices, or of any ideology you have that makes a group on this list a group you take issue with or devalue. If you see a group and immediately default to a related issue, you are who this shirt was designed for. We are all part of the problem, which means we can also be the solution.
  • Take the opportunities the shirt provides to engage in civil discourse. Not debates, and for sure not arguments, but actual conversations – two (or more) people sharing and hearing for the sake of understanding the other person, and their viewpoint, and of finding a middle ground to work from.
  • Be open to having your views challenged, differently informed, and possibly even changed.

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