Who’s Sophie?


Me, circa 1978. Age 8. Evidently, I did have hold of my moxie if but a little at some point.


Sophie is the young heroine in Roald Dahl’s beloved book, The BFG. She’s fearless, strong, gutsy, and forthcoming. Pretty much everything I long to be when I finally grow up.

Sophie’s got some serious moxie.

In the movie version of the story, there’s a point where the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) says “Brave Sophie” in a rather affectionate response to witnessing said moxie. And on more occasions than I can ever list here, I’ve galvanized myself to do something scary by picturing her taking immediate action with blind faith, and whispering “Brave, Sophie” to myself.

She just jumps.

Everything I’m doing right now, on this site and in my personal life, is in an effort to find my moxie, and to be the version of me that God created and (somehow) still sees.

Fearless. Strong. Gutsy. Forthcoming.


I believe God is good, so I believe I’ll get this sorted out. And to the part of me that doesn’t align with that yet, well, I’ll just keep whispering, “Brave Sophie,” and trying to just jump.

Thanks for visiting.

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